Scientific Publications

Robust Balancing Control of a Spring-legged Robot based on a High-order Sliding Mode Observer
Juan D. Gamba, Antonio C. LeiteRoy Featherstone

Balancing on a Springy Leg
Juan D. Gamba,  Roy Featherstone

Robust Visual Servo Control for Robotic Fruit Picking in the Presenceof Parametric Uncertainties and Complex Scenarios
Juan D. Gamba, Antonio C. Leite

A Visual Servoing Approach For Robotic Fruit Harvesting in the Presence of Parametric Uncertainties.
Juan D. Gamba, Pal J. From, Antonio C. Leite


Hopping, Landing, and Balancing with Springs
Juan D. Gamba

A Robust Visual Servoing Approach for Robotic Fruit Harvesting
Juan D. Gamba

SCADA de las Centrales de Telecomunicaciones del ICE
Jesus Perez, Juan D. Gamba